Our Capabilities

Summit Civils has driven pile under the most extreme conditions. Whether the job involves flat sheets, Z sheets or round pile, Summit Civils has the experience to do the job safely and to the highest quality standards.

We can drive pile using either vibratory or impact hammers. Templates are used to make a safe platform for working and to create a secure fit for close tolerance placement. We also drill and set piling using rotary drills.

Our crews have thorough task-specific training for every situation. From the first stab, we guarantee that the job will be done right.

Summit Civils sets a higher standard in designing and building remote airstrips.

Our expertise and experience are valuable tools in airport and heliport construction. Building runway lighting, fuel storage and communication towers, we construct a comprehensive solution.

Summit Civils has a batch plant and a modern concrete fabrication facility at our concrete fabrication facility. We mix structural concrete for slabs, foundations, footings, and wall systems. We also manufacture concrete blocks for offshore island slope protection.

We process aggregates of all types and sizes in our portable crushing plants to meet the requirements of any project large or small. In addition, we have the necessary insulated mixer trucks to haul concrete or sand slurry products during even the harshest winter.

Summit Civils pioneered many of the techniques used today at remote sites requiring large controlled concrete pours.

We have expert capabilities to build small boat harbors, moorage facilities, and transfer docks. We safely manufacture, transport and place filter rock, riprap, and armor rock for barriers and breakwaters.

Our unique fleet of heavy civil equipment supports the massive effort required for this type of construction. Summit Civils heavy crane and civil construction divisions add dredge capacity for above or below tide line work and installation of mooring and breasting dolphins.

We complete all amenities, including lights, hydrants, and elevated walkways for a secure and fully functional facility.

Summit Civils installs radio communication towers, receiver/transmitter repeaters, signal boosting stations, satellite communication devices, cellular towers and conventional telephone support members.

Anywhere communication is needed, We can expertly provide the link. From temporary remote systems to permanent towers, Summit Civils has the personnel and expertise to complete the job safely.

Summit Civils Manitowoc 888 cranes are equipped with state of the art computer operating systems.

With this new technology, moving heavy and awkward loads is safer than ever. We can lift loads up to 200 tons using a tandem lift method. From pipe racks to drill rigs, Summit Civils does it safely and efficiently.

Our wide variety of cranes allows us to tailor this specialty equipment to the job at hand.

Summit Civils has spent the past decade installing High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) lining systems. This high performance sheet liner has been proven to prevent environmental damage due to seepage of hazardous or other waste materials.

From projects such as landfills and storage pits to secondary containment, our commitment to product consistency, precise installation, and quality control keeps us a major HDPE installer in North America.

Ice Roads

Summit Civils has developed the most efficient method of offshore ice road construction in the arctic today. We utilize our own invention — Snowbirds — to drill through sea ice and pump water to the surface of the ice road. The ice is built one layer at a time until it is thick enough to support the weight of what the road is designed for.

For onshore tundra ice roads we use a different technique of placing ice chips mixed with fresh water on the right of way. Reflective delineators are then installed to insure safety in a blizzard and to protect the tundra.

Our ice road development is environmentally sound as they melt in summer leaving no trace of exploration activity on the fragile tundra.

Gravel Roads

Summit Civils operates one of the largest heavy equipment fleets, including the most B-70 haul units of any contractor in North America. A rigid preventative maintenance schedule for all equipment assures that our projects are completed on time and on budget.

We've built roads across tundra, mountains, and valleys. We know how to design, mobilize, pioneer and construct roads in any location from fly-in-to barge-in.

Our management team pioneered many of the blasting techniques used in the arctic today and we hold licenses for the manufacture and use of explosives.

Summit Civils has assisted with the development of several major pipeline projects.

We have the capabilities to construct all phases of large pipeline projects. Our skilled crew of welders, pipefitters ans supervisors guarantee a quality project.

From gravel mining and placement to dock construction for barge access, this massive effort involves many detailed phases for winter and summer construction. We provide a reliable process that includes unique forms of protection for the island and its facilities against the ice and the brutal Arctic environment.

Summit Civils's method of shallow offshore island construction is one of innovation, ingenuity, and environmental soundness.

Our bridge construction experience spans over two decades. Summit Civils has the finest equipment and personnel for all types of bridge structures. Planning and safety, coupled with our extensive experience and quality control, is the key to our successful completion of complex bridge designs.

We know that service is the key to maintenance work. Our extensive fleet of heavy civil equipment assures that we have the right equipment to keep your roads and pads clean and accessible.

Our field supervisors organize and direct maintenance activities for maximum results while allowing our clients to carry on operations uninterrupted.

Summit Civils has all the appropriate equipment and personnel required to handle your environmental project from start to finish. Our on-staff environmental engineer offers our clients a variety of suitable clean-up and remediation methods.

Through several major environmental clean-up projects, we have restored contaminated sites to their natural conditions. Along with site clean-up capability we have excavated and remediated thousands of cubic yards of contaminated soil.

Summit Civils owns and operates a Thermal Remediation Unit.

Summit Civils is well equipped to tackle the massive earth moving efforts necessary for dam construction. Our exceptional reputation is well earned since we have successfully constructed dams in extremely difficult and remote locations.